Baltimore Man Scores Big Playing Keno

$100,000 Win Comes Just in Time

If you bumped into Daryl Tillman two days ago you’d have met a worried man.  The pharmacy technician had been out of work for a long while and was reaching the end of any savings and assistance he could count on.  The Daryl Tillman of today is a different story.

“I was heading home yesterday and decided to visit my friend at a nearby store,” said Daryl. While there he played a few games of Keno, the last of which consisted of numbers he saw on the Lottery’s listing of “hot” numbers (numbers drawn frequently in recent games.)  “I took a few from that list and added a couple of my own,”  said the happy winner. Coincidentally, Daryl was the second big Keno winner of the day to successfully make use of those “hot” numbers.

Daryl watched his last game, noting each match that appeared.  They began showing up, one after another, until all ten were there. With the game finished, Daryl just sat there in disbelief.  “I got the printout of winning numbers to be sure.  $100,000 – I thought I was dreaming.”

A new apartment, a “new” used car and help for his daughter were among the many things Daryl thought about in the hours between his Keno win and claiming his prize, time that included no sleep.  “I tried to close my eyes, but it was just too exciting, too much going on in my head.”

Daryl found his Keno luck at the Cigarette Outlet at 877 East Fort Ave. in Baltimore.