Baltimore Man Wins $50,000 Prize With Lucky Number

Ticket No. 52 yields top prize on Neon x10 scratch-off

205-Neon-x10-ITVMA 34-year-old Baltimore man has his lucky number to thank for his recent $50,000 win. While trying to decide what tickets to purchase last Friday, he noticed that the Neon x10 scratch-off was on ticket number 52, which happens to be his favorite number.

“Whenever I see that the ticket number is 52, I make sure I buy it,” said the father of two. “I’m really glad number 52 was showing that day!”

After buying a few tickets at a 7-Eleven in Baltimore, he waited to scratch them until that evening at home. As he scratched the winning ticket, he saw the “10X” symbol and knew that he would win 10 times the prize he revealed. He never imagined that dollar amount would be $5,000 and would calculate to a $50,000 top-prize win.

“I yelled to my wife that I just won $50,000,” the lucky winner told Lottery officials. “Of course, she didn’t believe me until she looked at the ticket.”

The excited winner and his wife are keeping the news of his win private. He plans to buy a car, pay bills and save the rest. The 7-Eleven that sold him the lucky ticket, located at 6401 Reisterstown Road in Baltimore, will receive a $500 bonus from the Maryland Lottery. The Neon x10 ticket was launched on May 22 and still has five $50,000 top-prizes remaining.