Baltimore Metal Fabricator Engineers $10,000 Scratch-off Win

Finds luck with Instant Millionaire game

192-Instant-Millionaire-ITVM_P4-greenMotorists passing through south Baltimore sometimes encounter annoying traffic backups as freight trains pull long lines of boxcars through town. A Baltimore man took advantage of the unscheduled free time to turn a frustrating moment at a train crossing into a joyous one. The lucky fellow scratched off a $10,000 prize on an Instant Millionaire game!

Earlier, the 61-year-old metal fabricator had cashed in a winning scratch-off at the Morrell Park Deli in Baltimore and pocketed some cash and two fresh scratch-offs. He was homeward bound when the CSX train rumbled through the crossing and gave him time to play his tickets. When he scratched off the $20 Instant Millionaire game, he began to see matching numbers spread across the ticket with prize amounts totaling $10,000.

The lucky man was stunned! When he phoned his family, they could scarcely believe his luck. The happy winner plans to use his prize to pay bills and may take a trip to visit family on the West Coast.

He found his winning scratch-off at the Morrell Park Deli located at 2527 Washington Boulevard. The Instant Millionaire game, which launched a year ago, has a single $1 million top-prize ticket awaiting discovery. A single $50,000 winning ticket and nine $10,000 prizes are also available along with other prizes of $20 and up.