Baltimore MTA Driver Takes Right Turn on Road to Riches

Wins $50,000 with Cash Up Doubler Lottery Scratch-off Ticket

Cash Up DoublerA Maryland Transit Administration driver definitely had Lady Luck on board the day she decided to buy a $5 Cash Up Doubler scratch-off ticket on her way home from work.

That $50,000 winning ticket, added to another recent $50,000 win playing Bonus Match 5, is putting this Baltimore City native on Easy Street. Despite her wins and having worked at the MTA for nearly three decades, the 56 year old has no plans to abandon the loyal passengers on her route. She plans to keep reporting to work and bank the money until she retires several years down the road.

The lifelong Lottery player includes the Cash Up Doubler, Aces High and 40 Rubies among her favorite scratch-off games. The mother of an adult son, she also enjoys Racetrax, having won $945 on it last year, and plays Pick 3 and Pick 4. She’s on a real roll in 2013 with the two $50,000 prizes plus a $500 win on an Aces High scratch-off just three weeks ago.

The driver arises each day three hours before dawn to report to work in time to battle rush hour traffic for her riders, transporting sleepy city workers to their jobs five days a week. Each day after work, she stops at one of several lucky stores on her way home to play the Lottery. On the day she won, she remembers buying four scratch-off tickets: two Aces High, one Cash Up Doubler and one 40 Rubies. She got out her reading glasses and a lucky penny and started scratching off the tickets in the store. Not one was a winner until she scratched the Cash Up Doubler.

“When I realized it was for $50,000, I looked up and thanked the heavens and I thanked my Mother, who passed away several years ago. I miss her so much!” She shared her news with the store clerk and showed him the ticket but has yet to tell anyone else.

How will she celebrate this win? “With a massage!” the lucky lady said. She bought the lucky ticket at JD Tobacco T-1 at 4574 Edmondson Ave. in Baltimore.