Baltimore Nurse Enjoys $50,000 Lottery Birthday Surprise

Wins second-tier prize on Lucky Millionaire scratch-off

Lucky MillionaireA Baltimore woman’s birthday celebration hit a new high after she “unwrapped” her Maryland Lottery gift to herself and revealed a $50,000 winning Lucky Millionaire scratch-off!

The 38-year-old decided to purchase one $20 ticket for her birthday. After leaving the Baltimore Shoppers on Smith Avenue, she scratched off the ticket and saw her big win.

“What a great birthday gift,” the nurse said. “I only play every now and then, but thought I would treat myself since it was my birthday.”

The Philippines native brought her dad with her to Lottery headquarters in Baltimore to claim the prize. “He just moved to this country recently and asked me if people really win,” she told Lottery officials. “Now I can show him that it really does happen!”

With her winnings, the married mother of two plans to pay bills. She hasn’t decided what she will do with the rest of her prize. She found her winning ticket at the Shoppers located at 2801 Smith Ave. The Lucky Millionaire scratch-off still has two $1 million and five $50,000 prizes remaining on the ticket.