Baltimore Nurse’s $50,000 Scratch-off Win a Shocker

$50K Scratch-off Queens web IMG_3837A lucky Baltimore nurse is our new “Scratch-off Queen” after finding a $50,000 prize on the Double Your Dollars scratch-off.

1st to claim Double Your Dollars game’s top prize

A West Baltimore woman who provides care for senior citizens faced what she thought for a moment was her own medical emergency! A frequent player who has had luck with Maryland Lottery scratch-offs in the past, this “Scratch-off Queen” was blown away when she won $50,000 instantly on the new Double Your Dollars game.

The 53-year-old thought that she’d already enjoyed her full share of Lottery luck. Last year, she won a $10,000 Maryland Lottery prize during a special contest on Maryland Lottery Day at the Maryland State Fair.

“I still get Lottery tickets, but I never really expect to win,” she said. “Certainly not like this.”

The lucky nurse was out picking up dinner for her mother when she spotted a Lottery retailer nearby. “I figured that I’d get a few tickets while I was waiting for the food order,” she said. Having noticed that the Double Your Dollars game that launched in November had yet to give up a top-prize win, she looked for it at the One Stop Mart Citgo at 5516 Reisterstown Road in Baltimore.

“I check in on the Lottery’s website once in a while to see which prizes are still out there,” she said.

Later that evening, the longtime player scratched off her tickets in the car as she waited for her son to finish at work. She then used the Maryland Lottery smartphone app to scan them.

“Three tickets with no luck, but that fourth one…I thought I was having a heart attack,” she said. Her son ran to the car when he saw his mom inside screaming. “He was sure that something terrible had happened!”

Home repairs and a Vegas vacation for her mom top the list of things she plans to do with her winnings.

For selling the top-prize ticket, the Baltimore retailer will receive a $500 bonus from the Lottery. Want to try your luck with this $5 ticket? There are five more $50,000 top prizes remaining on the Double Your Dollars game along with seven $5,000 second-tier prizes.