Baltimore Resident ‘Doggone Shocked’ over $30,000 Lottery Win

Finds top prize on Rainbow Blackout Bingo game

Rainbow Blackout BingoA happy Baltimore City resident found her pot of gold beneath a Maryland Lottery Rainbow Blackout Bingo scratch-off, which delivered a $30,000 top prize to the loyal player.

“I play that ticket all the time, but the most I had won on it before was $50,” said the 68-year-old, who visited Lottery headquarters with her daughter. The $2 ticket launched in 2013 still carries plenty of prizes. “I was so doggone shocked. I said ‘I got it, I got it, I got it!’ I called my daughter and said, ‘Are you sitting down?’ ”

A longtime Lottery player, the lucky winner said her biggest previous Lottery prize came just a month ago. She won $250 playing Pick 3. Her recent good fortune has encouraged her to keep playing on a regular basis. She plans to use her prize for medical expenses and to help her children.

Our winner purchased the lucky ticket at Spanick Grocery located at 246 North Rose Street in Baltimore. Spanick Grocery is also a winner! The store will receive a $300 bonus from the Lottery for selling the top-prize ticket.