Baltimore Scratch-off Enthusiast Wins Big on Bingo Multiplier Game

Longtime Lottery player claims his largest-ever prize

218-Bingo-Multiplier-ITVM_P1-greenTwo heads were better than one when it came time to figure out Daniel Clark’s win on a Maryland Lottery Bingo Multiplier scratch-off. The Baltimore couple’s realization that he won $10,000 led to a happy celebration.

The 59-year-old and his wife typically purchase several scratch-offs during the week and play them on Saturday. But the husband broke with tradition and scratched his Bingo Multiplier instant ticket from Victor’s Place in Baltimore on a Thursday night. The drywall finisher quickly saw that one of the six bingo cards on the ticket was worth $500, and he thought that was all he’d won.

“I gave the ticket to her and said ‘Cash this for me, it’s $500,’ ” Daniel said. “Then, she saw that one of my numbers was 62 and I’d missed that on a couple of the cards. She said, ‘Hey wait, this is $1,000 right here.’ ”

When they totaled up each bingo card and then factored in the ticket’s 5X multiplier, they celebrated a $10,000 win. It’s the largest scratch-off prize ever for Daniel, who previously won $1,900 in the Lottery’s baseball-themed second-chance contest. He’s hoping to once again win the second-chance drawing for Contestant of the Game honors through this year’s Home Run Riches second-chance contest.

Daniel and his wife have been married 27 years and have a daughter. He said his Bingo Multiplier prize will come in handy because he recently had to replace his home’s heating and air conditioning system.

His lucky Lottery retailer, Victor’s Place, is located at 3100 Hammond’s Ferry Road in Baltimore. The Bingo Multiplier game launched in September, and there are still three $50,000 top prizes waiting to be found at Lottery retailers across the state. There are also five more $10,000 prizes, and thousands of other prizes ranging from $5 to $5,000.