Baltimore Scratch-off Fan Finds Second Big Win in Seven Years

Lucky player wins $20,000 on $10 instant ticket

A 75-year-old Baltimore man is celebrating a major scratch-off win — again. He won $30,000 on the Cash Casino instant ticket in 2012 and, this week, claimed a $20,000 prize on the $250,000 Rich scratch-off. Needless to say, instant tickets are his favorite game.

“I just really like scratch-offs,” he said, smiling. “I try to get a few every time I’m out.”

The lucky player was out last Friday in Lexington Market getting a bite to eat after work when he decided to buy several $250,000 Rich scratch-offs at Downtown Tobacco. He purchased three of the $10 games and, sadly, didn’t find a major win. Before leaving the Baltimore retailer, the loyal player bought just one more instant ticket and that one gave him the $20,000 prize!

“When I saw the coins, I thought the prize would be a smaller amount,” he said. “Then, I said to myself, ‘That looks like $20,000.’ ” He was right, but he still took his glasses out of his bag to get a closer look.

Once he confirmed his big win, the player immediately stuffed the ticket down in his bag and left for home. The lucky winner, who stays with his sister and brother-in-law, shared the good news with them. He later put his instant ticket in a safe place and rested the remainder of the weekend.

The happy man and his brother-in-law claimed the prize first thing Monday morning. The stock clerk shared with Lottery officials that he plans to share his winnings with his immediate family and will save the rest. He also vowed to return to the Lottery Winner’s Circle a third time to claim an even bigger prize! Want to visit his lucky retailer? Downtown Tobacco is located at 500 West Lexington Street in the city.

The popular $250,000 Rich scratch-off still has big prizes awaiting discovery. There are three unclaimed $250,000 top prizes, four more $20,000 prizes, 14 $10,000 prizes and thousands of others from $10 to $1,000 still available.