Baltimore Woman Claims $800,000 Multi-Match Jackpot

Subscription Player Used Family Birthdays to Pick Winner

A 94 year-old retired federal employee visited Lottery headquarters today to claim an $800,000 prize delivered to her by a Multi-Match subscription. The life-long Baltimorean was still in shock, despite learning of her good fortune soon after her Thursday night jackpot win.

“I never, ever check the numbers,” she told officials. “I’ve had the subscription for five years and every time I’ve won in the past the lottery’s just mailed it to me. That’s why I love the subscription – it’s so convenient.” A phone call from a good friend, her lottery “partner” who recognized her friend’s numbers and another from the lottery alerted her to the big news. “I was just floored. Absolutely could not believe it.”

The mother of three and grandmother of seven plans to share her winnings with her family. “Everyone has down times, this will help ours be over faster.” She credits some help “upstairs” for her win. “We lost a member of our family recently. I think he might have nudged a couple of those numbers into place for me.” She told officials will continue to renew her Multi-Match subscription.