Baltimore Woman Finds ‘Winner’s Luck’ While Thinking of Husband

Michelle Fowler - Winners Luck_web

Michelle Fowler and husband Dean are happy with her $100,000 win on the Maryland Lottery Winner’s Luck scratch-off

Kind-hearted Gesture Leads to $100,000 Lottery Winner’s Luck Scratch-off Win

If anyone asked which Fowler was more likely to enter the Maryland Lottery Winner’s Lounge, Michelle Fowler would have immediately pointed to her husband Dean. He’s the scratch-off player in the family. Yet, she’s the lucky player who won $100,000 with the Winner’s Luck instant ticket!

Her story begins on the weekend. While she was out running errands, Michelle stopped to buy her husband two of his favorite $20 scratch-offs. Before leaving the store, on a whim, she picked up a $10 Winner’s Luck ticket for herself.

The state government employee for more than 20 years told Lottery officials that she and her husband scratched the top numbers off the ticket together before revealing the corresponding prizes. They knew something was afoot when they saw the first prize amount won was $10,000.

“We knew the ticket didn’t have any prizes between $10,000 and the top prize,” Michelle said. “It had to be a $100,000 ticket because there were 14 prizes left to check.”

Sure enough, as they uncovered the ticket, the winnings added up to the $100,000 grand prize. They celebrated before sharing the good news with their son, who is a junior at a local Catholic high school. When the celebrations died down, the couple grappled with the decision of where to keep the ticket safe until they could claim their prize at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore on Monday morning.

“We kept that ticket by our side all weekend,” Dean said. “Some people get fireproof safes, but we just took it everywhere with us.”

The couple plan to pay off a few bills and put the money toward their son’s college fund. Dean still hopes to find his own top prize one day, but is more than happy to share in the win with his wife for now.

Michelle purchased the winning ticket at the Wise Avenue BP located at 7801 Wise Ave in Baltimore. There is one remaining top prize on the $10 Winner’s Luck ticket along with three $50,000 prizes and nine $10,000 prizes.