Baltimore Woman on Fire with 2nd Hot Hand Scratch-off Win

Claims $50,000 prize on $5 game

198-Hot-Hand-ITVMHow do you keep your calm after winning the $50,000 top prize on a Maryland Lottery scratch-off game? Just ask a 54-year-old Baltimore woman, who remained calm, cool and collected even after Lottery luck delivered a second Hot Hand scratch-off win.

The avid scratch-off player recently won $500 on the popular $5 ticket and decided to try her luck again. The mother of six went to the Quality BP Service Station in Rosedale specifically to purchase two Hot Hand instant tickets, which she scratched in the store.

“I knew the one was a winner, but was a little confused as to how much,” she said. “I didn’t react too much because I wanted to see the amount of the prize.”

The big winner called her son to help her figure out the prize amount. The two didn’t confirm the prize was $50,000 until they were at Lottery headquarters to claim the prize. The lucky player had no immediate plans for her prize.

“I’ll just save it for later, I guess,” she said, smiling. She also plans to continue to play scratch-offs.

The Hot Hand game still has three $50,000 top prizes, two $10,000 prizes and more than 430,000 additional prizes ranging from $5 to $5,000.