Baltimore Woman Screams with Joy over $10,000 Lottery Win

Claims prize on $5 Ravens scratch-off

265-$5-Ravens-ITVMAt first glance, when her Ravens scratch-off appeared to show a small $5 win, the lucky Baltimore woman was ready to celebrate. After a second glance, she thought it was a $500 winner and cause for even more celebration. A third look and help from another set of eyes convinced the city resident that she held a $10,000 winning scratch-off and that’s when the screams of joy began.

The 70-year-old found her Lottery luck while visiting the C Store at 3600 Parkdale Avenue in Baltimore, where she bought two scratch-offs to enjoy later at home.

“I was happy with a $5 winner, but when I saw the amount that I really won, I started screaming,” she said. The loyal player purchases Lottery games several times a week. She is also a Baltimore Ravens fan and naturally gravitated toward the popular $5 Ravens instant ticket that went on sale in July.

Only a few family members know about the lucky lady’s small fortune. Plans for her winnings include buying some new appliances for her home and possibly taking a vacation, she said.

The game, which still has three $100,000 top prizes and four $50,000 second-tier prizes remaining, is packed with thousands of smaller prizes ranging from $5 to $10,000. And, there’s still time for players to enter non-winning Ravens scratch-offs into a second-chance contest with prizes of $10,000, 2017 season tickets or the cash AND finalist status for a future drawing for Ravens season tickets for 20 years. The entry deadline is Jan. 16 through My Lottery Rewards. Find out more at