Baltimore Woman Shouts Bingo for $30,000 Prize

Wins Blackout Bingo Scratch-Off Top Prize

Blackout Bingo (907)A 53-year-old retired mail carrier was completely shocked as she scratched her Blackout Bingo ticket at home a couple weeks ago. Her first two “cards” on the scratch-off came one square short of a bingo, but as she scratched the third “card”, she found herself checking off every square. Her blackout resulted in a $30,000 top prize win on her Blackout Bingo scratch-off.

Trying to improve her odds of winning, the woman had purchased 20 Blackout Bingo tickets with the hopes that one would be a winner. The lucky woman’s bingo win was a first for the avid scratch-off player. “The most I’ve ever won was $270,” the woman said shaking her head. “So as I filled in my card, I could barely believe what I was seeing.”

Despite having the bingo card of a lifetime, the woman, who came in with her son, plans to keep her win a family secret. “This is all very exciting, but I think I’ll keep this good news to myself,” the woman said.

The $30,000 will be used to pay off her bills and to buy new clothes. Her bingo luck was purchased at Garden Liquors located at 5401 Bel Air Road in Baltimore City. There are still eight $30,000 top prizes left on the popular ticket.