Baltimore Woman Strikes Gold

Wins $50,000 Gold Rush Doubler top-prize

Dorothy Jordan - Gold Rush DoublerThe rush of excitement has not set in quite yet for Dorothy Jordan, who has remained calm ever since discovering that she was $50,000 richer.

The 65-year-old retired Baltimore resident purchased her Gold Rush Doubler on Sunday night at Speedy Mart, and immediately scratched it in the store. When the ticket revealed a top-prize winner, Dorothy kept quiet. Dorothy explained that the retailer who checked her ticket seemed more excited than she.

“Once I realized I was a winner, I didn’t say anything,” Dorothy said. Dorothy returned home to share the news with her husband, who had the same reserved reaction as Dorothy.

Dorothy will use her winnings to work on a few unfinished projects around the house. She will also share her prize money with several family members. The winning ticket was purchased at Speedy Mart, located at 7101 Darlington Dr. in Baltimore.