Baltimore Woman Thanks Her Labrador for Lottery Win

$7,777 Black Pearl 7s Brockmeyer_web

Sheila Brockmeyer of Baltimore is thanking her dog, Lady Bella, for her $7,777 scratch-off win.

Finds $7,777 prize on Black Pearl 7s scratch-off

Sheila Brockmeyer has Lady Bella, her 6-year-old Labrador Retriever, to thank for her $7,777 Maryland Lottery scratch-off prize.

The Baltimore woman and her husband of 40 years occasionally buy scratch-offs for one another and the rest of the family. This time, her husband bought a variety of scratch-offs from Mace Liquors located at 507 Mace Avenue in Baltimore. The couple plays a game where they put a few scratch-offs into an envelope and give it to Lady Bella. The dog stamps the envelope with her paw and takes it to the designated person. Sheila happened to be the lucky recipient of the top-prize winning Black Pearl 7s instant ticket.

“It was both thrilling and scary,” said the 61-year-old. “I was so excited I called my husband, screaming.” One of their two sons heard the commotion and came running down the stairs. This is her first big Lottery win.

Sheila is a store manager at Robert’s Oxygen, where she has worked for 14 years. She will spend her prize on a vacation to Las Vegas or Hawaii.

There are five more top-prize winning scratch-offs available on the Black Pearl 7s game along with thousands of prizes ranging $2 to $1,000. The $2 instant ticket went on sale Dec. 28, 2015.