Baltimore Woman Turns Funny Feeling into $50,000 Lottery Win

Claims top prize on Bonus Match 5 game 

A last-minute purchase turned into a Maryland Lottery fortune in a flash for a happy Baltimore Bonus Match 5 player. The lucky lady followed through on a feeling that she should play her regular numbers in the Nov. 1 drawing and found herself a $50,000 top-prize winner.

The 49-year-old loyal player has always had a lucky feeling about playing Bonus Match 5 and came up with several sets of numbers she considers lucky. “I always knew I would win one day,” she said.

Because she only plays occasionally, she has experienced the lucky feeling and not bought a ticket only to see her numbers pop up in the drawing. “It’s happened, so when I got a feeling that told me to go play my numbers, I listened, getting my ticket just before the drawing,” said the winner. The player zipped into Biddle Liquors in Baltimore the night of the drawing and bought one $6 ticket.

She discovered her winning status while scanning her Bonus Match 5 tickets with the ticket scanning function on the Lottery’s My Lottery Rewards app. The message on her phone was definitive: she won!

The winner plans to use her windfall to pay for some long-awaited home improvements.

Her lucky Lottery retailer located at 2100 East Biddle Street in Baltimore also wins. The store will also receive a $500 bonus for selling the top-prize ticket in the game.