Baltimore Woman Turns Small Lottery Winnings into $77,777 Prize

Wins top prize on new 7 scratch-off

272-7-ITVMA 55-year-old Baltimore woman popped into the One Stop Mart in Baltimore on Tuesday to play a few Maryland Lottery scratch-offs and walked away a top-prize winner. She got into a winning routine as she played the new 7 scratch-off that went on sale Sept. 26.

“I kept winning $10, so I would turn those tickets in for more of the same game,” the winner told Lottery officials when she came to headquarters to claim her $77,777 prize. “When I scratched the big winner, I had to move over next to the wall so I didn’t fall down from shock.”

The excited player has told only a few people about her top-prize win, including a good friend who accompanied her to Lottery headquarters.

“She wouldn’t even tell me over the phone,” said her friend. “She told me she needed a body guard and was coming over. We got in the car and drove to the Lottery building, which is when she finally told me the news.”

The mother of one son plans to spend some of her prize on long-awaited home repairs. She also intends to take a much-needed vacation and invest the rest of her prize.

The lucky Lottery retailer that sold the lucky $5 ticket wins, too. One Stop Mart, located at 5516 Reisterstown Road in Baltimore, will receive a $777 bonus from the Lottery.

The 7 scratch-off game still has six $77,777 top prizes remaining along with 16 unclaimed $7,000 prizes and thousands more ranging from $5 to $1,000.