Baltimore Woman Wins $20,000 in Spades

Finds First Top Prize on Maryland Lottery Spades Scratch-Off During Lunch Break

SpadesA lunch break ritual turned lucrative when a Baltimore woman scratched off her first top prize this past weekend. The lucky lady was elated when she uncovered a $20,000 win on a $2 Spades scratch-off that she had purchased on her way to work.

The woman, who works in retail, told Lottery officials that she likes to check scratch-offs while on break at work. “I’ve been playing for years,” she said. “I’ve never won this much before.”

She quickly showed her lucky ticket to a girlfriend to make sure her eyes weren’t playing tricks on her. Sure enough, the ticket was a top-prize winner. “I couldn’t believe it,” she admitted.

Word about the big win spread quickly at her workplace. “Everyone was congratulating me,” she said, smiling. “Everyone knew what had happened.”

Once she finished her work shift, the Baltimore woman called her family to share the good news. Her daughter was equally excited for her mother and accompanied her to Lottery headquarters in Baltimore.

While some winners have trouble thinking about how to spend their prize, this lucky lady knows exactly what she wants to do with the money. She is going to pay off her car.

The lucky woman purchased her winning scratch-off at BJ’s Wholesale Club #060 located at 9011 Snowden River Parkway in Columbia. There are still two $20,000 top prizes remaining on tickets for sale in area stores.