Baltimore Woman Wins Big on Bingo

Wins $150,000 Top Prize on Diamond Dazzler Bingo

A Baltimore woman could not believe her eyes when she scratched the top prize of $150,000 on a Diamond Dazzler Bingo scratch off. She realized she did not have her correct glasses on and thought that was why her eyes were deceiving her. Once she had her correct reading glasses on, she checked the ticket again, only to realize she did indeed win $150,000.

“I couldn’t believe that I won; I checked the ticket almost 50 times to make sure I was really a winner,” said the woman. An avid Diamond Dazzler Bingo player, the Baltimore woman always takes some of her ticket winnings to buy more; yet she never thought she would be cashing in her ticket for the top prize.

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The lucky winner is going to use the money to take care of her bills and plans on saving the rest. The winning ticket was purchased at J Convenience located at8765 Satyr Hill Road in Parkville.