Beach Visit, SKEE-BALL® Fun a Winning Combo for Vacationers

Angie Sweigart of Pennsylvania won the first $30,000 top prize on the SKEE-BALL scratch-off.

First to claim SKEE-BALL scratch-off’s $30,000 top prize

Angie Sweigart of Douglassville, Pa., visits Maryland frequently in the summertime. Owner of an Ocean City vacation property, she and her husband were there enjoying the sun and the sand as well as a couple of SKEE-BALL® scratch-offs she chose while picking up adult beverages. The $30,000 return on that choice turned a pretty good weekend into a truly memorable one.

“We were heading back from dinner and stopped by Seaside Deli to pick up some drinks to bring back to the house,” says Angie. “I noticed the SKEE-BALL game in the display right away.” A frequent Lottery player, she had not seen an instant ticket like the game back home. “It caught my eye so we got two and left.”

The first sign that the evening had taken an unusual turn arrived when the 40-year-old ran into the living room, waving the scratch-off and shouting that she had won. “She was super excited,” reported Angie’s husband, “but not 100 percent sure of the win, so we checked on the (Lottery) website to be sure.” They were 99 percent certain of their top-prize win then but they returned to Seaside Deli Beer & Wine in Ocean City for the final word. “Sure enough, it was $30,000.”

Angie, an “ice cream artista” at a family-owned business, plans to use her winnings to send her parents on a trip they’ve long wanted to take.

The $3 SKEE-BALL scratch-off debuted in late June. Angie claimed the first $30,000 top prize in the game. Seven top prizes remain along with 19 $1,000 prizes and thousands of others ranging from $3 to $100. The weekend win was also memorable for management of Seaside Deli Beer & Wine at 7202 Coastal Highway. The Worcester County retailer earned a $300 bonus for selling a top-prize winning instant ticket.