Beginner’s Luck is Real for 2020 Cash Winner from Baltimore

Mother and son share $20,200 prize on new scratch-off

Try telling one Baltimore mother and son that beginner’s luck isn’t real! A joint win between a 68-year-old Baltimore woman and her 35-year-old son says otherwise.

While they plan to share the winnings, the luck belongs solely to the son who, on his very first Lottery purchase, scored a top prize of $20,200 on the 2020 Cash scratch-off.

The winner’s mother said she enjoys playing Lottery games regularly, but the family’s first big win came when her son recently stopped to buy a drink at Jolly’s Food  & Convenience Mart, located at 1500 North Monroe Street in Baltimore City. While he was there, he decided to buy a scratch-off, and since the new year is approaching, he was instantly drawn to the 2020 Cash ticket, which launched on Nov. 18.

The lucky son checked his ticket once he got home and learned that he won. As soon as he realized it, he signed the ticket immediately, showed it to his mother, and then stashed it inside of his shoe until he could visit Lottery headquarters to claim the prize.

The winner’s mother has been a Maryland State employee for 39 years and said she is anticipating her retirement next year. Her son has worked as a truck driver for eight years. The pair plan to split the winnings and use their portions for holiday shopping.

Jolly Food Mart is also a winner. For selling the top-prize-winning ticket, the store will receive a $202 bonus – equal to 1 percent of the prize value. 2020 Cash is still packed with plenty of prizes. There are 208 unclaimed top prizes of $20,200, and thousands of additional prizes ranging from $20 to $2,020.