Beginner’s Luck Pays Off for Bonus Match 5 Player

Lucky Winner Gets $50,000 Her First Time Playing the Lottery

A 29-year-old Glen Burnie mother who had never played the Maryland Lottery before is $50,000 richer after following a store clerk’s suggestion on which game to choose.

The novice player strolled into Arundel Liquors in Pasadena, went up to the counter and asked which Lottery drawing would take place that evening. The clerk suggested she buy a Bonus Match 5 ticket because several players have won top prizes this year. That’s exactly what the Lottery newbie did!

She picked her numbers and didn’t check them until the next day, when she returned to the store with ticket in hand. When the ticket scanner instructed her to visit Lottery headquarters in Baltimore, the woman immediately asked the clerk what the message meant and learned of her big prize.

The inexperienced Lottery player remained skeptical of her win, but shared the news with her immediate family. One family member remarked that she didn’t seem excited enough, the woman recalled. “I just told them that I was waiting to see the check,” she told Lottery officials.

Her early success has encouraged her to continue playing Bonus Match 5. She also plans to add Mega Millions and Powerball to her game rotation.

What will she do with her Lottery winnings? After paying off some bills, the woman plans to take her 9-year-old son to an amusement park of his choice.

She bought the winning ticket at the Arundel Liquors located at 8530 Fort Smallwood Road in Pasadena.