Being Nice Gives Owings Mills Dad a $100,000 Lottery Win

Claims first top prize on Winter Cash Tripler scratch-off

177-Winter-Cash-Tripler-ITVMAn Owings Mills father of two had 100,000 reasons to smile on the first Monday in November – that’s how many dollar bills he won on the Maryland Lottery’s new Winter Cash Tripler scratch-off!

The Baltimore-area education worker claimed the first $100,000 top prize on the scratch-off, which arrived at state Lottery retailers in mid-October. The Baltimore County resident received the ticket by mistake but, being a nice guy, told the clerk at the One Stop Food Mart in Baltimore City that he would go ahead and take the $10 instant ticket pulled in error rather than a neighboring ticket. A woman in line behind our winner, who bought the ticket he originally wanted, revealed a $10,000 win on that scratch-off just as our loyal player tucked his unscratched ticket into his backpack and left the store for work.

Just before he began his duties, the man pulled the ticket out and scratched it off. In his case, nice guys finish first!

“I rubbed my eyes two or three times,” the man said. “I couldn’t believe it!” He had to attend a meeting so he stayed at work, telling no one about his win except his significant other. As soon as he got home he hid the winning ticket in his safe until he could claim his prize at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore. His parents now know about the win, too, but he plans to keep quiet about his prize.

The 30-something man plans to put some of his prize into savings accounts he has set up for his two young sons’ college educations. He plans to take a vacation with his significant other to celebrate an upcoming birthday and will put the rest into savings.

His lucky retailer, the One Stop Food Store, is located at 23 North Howard Street in Baltimore. For selling the top-prize ticket, the store will receive a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery. The Winter Cash Tripler game has two more $100,000 top-prize winning tickets and 21 second-tier $3,000 winning scratch-offs awaiting discovery.