Bel Air Car Buff Upgrading his Ride with $100,000 Lottery Prize

Bel Air car buff Robert Bezelik Jr. is ready to upgrade his ride with his $100,000 scratch-off win.

Claims big win on Terrific 10s scratch-off

Twice a month, Robert Bezelik Jr. buys two books of Maryland Lottery scratch-offs to enjoy playing after hard days at work in the construction field. The Bel Air resident, who plays Lottery games as a hobby, said he often wins a few small prizes. Revealing a $100,000 top prize on a Terrific 10s scratch-off, however, was a shocking new experience!

The 52-year-old found his winning instant ticket at Greenbrier Wine & Spirits in Bel Air. In addition to buying a scratch-off book of Terrific 10s, Robert bought an additional loose batch of the same game. The loose batch contained his lucky fortune.

“I was in shock,” said Robert, who also won a $15,000 Lottery prize in 2001. He has shared his new great news with his wife, who was equally as surprised at the size of the prize.

The player is a director of construction, working in the field for over 30 years. In addition to playing Lottery games, Robert also enjoys an occasional visit to Maryland’s casinos. The car buff said he plans to use his winnings to upgrade his ride.

Greenbrier Wine & Spirits, where Robert favors buying his Lottery scratch-offs, will also share in the fun. The Harford County store located at 225 Brierhill Drive will receive a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery for selling a top prize-winning scratch-off of $100,000 or more.

You can join Robert in the hunt for more winning scratch-offs in the Terrific 10s game. The $10 instant ticket went on sale in November and has several big prizes remaining, including two $100,000 top prizes, six $20,000 prizes and five $10,000 prizes.