Bel Air Man’s Car Ticket Leads to $250,000 Mega Millions Win

Claims second-tier prize from May drawing

Finding a ticket on your car isn’t usually a good thing, but a forgotten Mega Millions ticket stashed in a Bel Air man’s car visor definitely ranks as his favorite ticket of all time. The soon-to-be-married man was overjoyed to learn the forlorn ticket attached to his car visor for more than two weeks is worth an impressive $250,000.

The lucky father of two discovered his winning ticket in a stack of Mega Millions tickets that had piled up in his car. He scanned the tickets at a local retailer and got the great news that one ticket required him to make a trip to Maryland Lottery headquarters to claim it.

“I showed the clerk and she just said I had to come down to Baltimore,” the man said. “I still didn’t know how much I had won.”

Putting the tickets back in his car, he went home and checked the numbers online with his fiancée. “We checked and double-checked that one ticket,” he said, laughing. “We really couldn’t believe it.”

The loyal lottery player has bought Mega Millions, Powerball and the daily pick game tickets for more than 10 years but never won more than $80.

“I buy $5 worth of tickets every week. It’s just something fun that I can afford,” he explained. “I might win $2 every now and then, but, ‘You have to play to win,’ right?”

The man and his fiancée plan to use the winnings to pay for their wedding next month. The couple will put some of the money toward their recently purchased home and into their children’s college funds. “We haven’t told our kids about this,” the man shared. “We’ll keep this quiet for a while.”

The lucky Mega Millions ticket was sold at the Royal Farms store located at 1915 Bel Air Road in Fallston. Still unclaimed is a winning Mega Millions second-tier ticket that was sold at a 7-Eleven in Upper Marlboro in early April.