Bel Air Man’s Scratch-off Research Followed by $10,000 Lottery Prize

DeFabio_$1M Fortune_web

Bel Air’s Vincent DeFabio won a $10,000 prize on the $1 Million Dollar Fortune scratch-off game.

Checked stats on scratch-off game before buying winning ticket

A 44-year-old Bel Air man who was hoping for a Lottery scratch-off win got his wish after doing his homework. While online at, Vincent DeFabio researched percentage of scratch-offs sold in games and their remaining prizes. He focused on the $1 Million Fortune scratch-off that was 86% sold and had many top prizes remaining, including one $1 million top prize and five $10,000 prizes.

Then, Vincent headed to his favorite retailer, Tollgate Liquors in Bel Air, to purchase his regular Pick 3 and Pick 4 numbers and a $1 Million Fortune scratch-off. He followed his routine of scratching off instant tickets the morning after his purchase.

“I’ll wait to see if I hit the Pick 3 or Pick 4 and then I’ll play the scratch-off game,” Vincent said. He got excited when he saw the “pot of gold” symbol on his scratch-off and wondered how much he’d won. “I thought maybe $50, but I saw $5,000,” he said. The “pot of gold” symbol means the prize is doubled, so Vincent was the lucky winner of $10,000!

The Harford County resident shared the news with his parents before putting the winning ticket in a folder and placing that in a drawer. The lucky player reports winning Pick 4 a couple of times in the past for $2,500 and has won $500 twice on scratch-offs. His $10,000 prize tops those wins by far!

The bachelor plans to pay off some bills with his windfall and keep playing Lottery games. He will also continue checking to find instant tickets that are nearly sold out with lots of top prizes remaining in hopes of visiting Lottery headquarters again in the future.