Beltsville Man Wins Two Big Lottery Prizes in One Day [VIDEO]


Collects $75,000 between Pick 3 and a Cash Blowout scratch-off on the same day

Tae Kim rarely acts on a whim, so it was unusual that the business management major spent $50 on Lottery tickets because he “had a feeling.”  By the end of the day, that feeling and a couple of lucky decisions made the College Park resident $75,000 richer.

Mr. Kim, a University of Maryland at College Park graduate student and part-time bartender worked his regular shift this past Saturday night.  After a late evening, he went home and had a vivid dream about accepting a job and moving to Miami.  Kim was awoken by an early morning phone call from a 305 area code and was offered a job based in Miami.  Kim, groggy but excited about the job offer, turned on his television, which incidentally was tuned in to channel 305.  The 34-year-old took that as a sign to play 3-0-5 and immediately went out to purchase $50 in Pick 3 tickets for Sunday’s midday drawing.

When he went back to check his tickets, he was shocked to see that Sunday’s Pick 3 numbers were 3-0-5.  Shaking his head in amazement, he wandered through the store, picked up a couple of beverages and decided to buy the last four Cash Blowout scratch-offs the retailer had in stock.  He went home to call his parents, sister and cousin about his Pick 3 win, turned on the NCAA tournament and scratched his tickets.  The first three were non-winners and he was about to throw away the fourth when he realized he had won one of the ticket’s $50,000 top prize.  “I almost fell over” Kim said.  “I kept looking at the ticket and thinking that the impossible just happened.”

Kim accepted the Miami job and is looking forward to moving to Florida next month.  He was very clear about his intentions with the wins:  “It is very difficult to earn money and too easy to spend it.  I’m going to invest the money and put the rest into savings.  But I’m going out to a nice dinner tonight!”

Kim’s tickets were purchased at 7-11 at 11422 Cherry Hill Road in Beltsville.

Tae Kim - Cash Blowout

Tae Kim won Pick 3 and Cash Blowout top prize on the same day.