Beltsville Racetrax Player Racks Up Second Big Win

Claims $28,948 prize on Trifecta Box bet

A Beltsville resident who visited Maryland Lottery headquarters this week said he doesn’t play Lottery games often, but when he sits down for a few games of Racetrax, the lucky man is likely to win. In fact, he came to the Lottery’s office in Baltimore to claim a big Racetrax prize for the second time.

His most recent big win came in September when the married father of twins stopped at Dyson’s Store in Brandywine to play the Lottery’s computer-animated horseracing game. He placed a Trifecta Box bet with the Bonus multiplier option, hoping that the horses numbered 8, 9 and 10 would finish in first, second and third place in any order. When they did, his $12 ticket delivered a $28,948 prize!

“A lucky day for me!” the winner said.

The Prince George’s County resident said he always adds the Bonus feature because the multipler can turn a small win into a big one. Trifecta Box bets with the Bonus option helped him win $14,000 and $1,800 in the past, he said. His winning race on Sept. 14 carried a 4x Bonus, which quadrupled his prize.

The 43-year-old stayed in the store after buying his ticket to watch the race. As the horses crossed the finish line, his quiet reaction was, “Wow, this is my lucky day!” No one at the store realized he had won because he quietly remained in retailer’s stay-and-play area.

“I stayed there and played a few more games,” he said, adding that he didn’t win again that day. “Maybe it only comes once!”  Or, maybe one of his other favorite Lottery games – Bonus Match 5, Keno, Powerball or Mega Millions – will deliver his next big win. “I might be back again,” he said. “I hope so.”

His big prize will go into savings, he said, to help fund his children’s education.

Also a winner was the Prince George’s County retailer. For selling a winning Racetrax ticket valued at $10,000 or more, Dyson’s Store located at 13706 Brandywine Road in Brandywine earned a $289.48 bonus from the Lottery.