Bethesda Resident’s Keno Winning Streak Continues

Leslie Smart was all smiles after cashing in three winning Keno tickets from the same drawing,
the largest of which delivered a $40,000 prize.

Three tickets on a single draw total $54,000 in prizes, including one worth $40,000

Leslie Smart splits her time between homes in Bethesda and Dallas, Texas, but considering the run of Keno luck she’s been having in the last few months, it won’t be a surprise if she decides to hang out in Maryland more often.

In December, she claimed $25,028 in Keno prizes, and Leslie has enjoyed a few four-digit Keno wins since then. But one drawing on March 8 gave her the biggest win she’s ever had. And because she had multiple tickets, that one draw delivered a total of $54,000 in prizes.

Leslie played a similar group of numbers on three separate tickets – a 6-spot, an 8-spot and a 9-spot – and added the Super Bonus option on all three. She matched all eight of the numbers on her 8-spot ticket, giving her a base prize of $10,000, which was multiplied to $40,000 because the Super Bonus multiplier for the draw was 4x. Her 9-spot ticket for the same draw matched eight of the numbers, and the Super Bonus multiplied the $2,500 base prize to $10,000. All six of the numbers on her 6-spot ticket were drawn, and the Super Bonus multiplied the $1,000 base prize to $4,000.

“It was a pretty great day, wasn’t it?” Leslie said with a smile as she and her husband visited Lottery headquarters in Baltimore to claim her prizes.

Leslie bought her lucky tickets at Crescent Convenience, located at 7475 Wisconsin Avenue in Bethesda. It was a few minutes after the drawing before she realized her tickets were winners.

“I stepped out of the store and I called him,” she said of her husband. “And I sort of whispered, ‘I just won $54,000.’”

Leslie said she is thinking about using her winnings to take her grandson on a vacation. She and her husband also recently made a sizeable down payment on a car, and they plan to pay off the balance with Leslie’s Lottery prizes.

Crescent Convenience is a winner as well. The store will receive a total of $500 in bonuses from the Maryland Lottery – $400 for selling Leslie’s $40,000-winning ticket, and $100 for the $10,000 winner. Retailers receive a bonus equal to 1 percent of the prize value for selling Keno tickets valued at $10,000 or more.