Beverage or Scratch-off? Man’s Choice Leads to $50,000 Win

Edward Fay II (right) of New Market poses with son Bret Fay (left) after claiming his $50,000 win

Claims Top Prize on Maryland Lottery Money Talks Instant Ticket

Edward Fay II faced a dilemma. The New Market man has played Maryland Lottery games for 20 years, always stopping at a Frederick gas station on his way to work to buy several scratch-offs. On this day, the married father of four scratched off his first purchase to reveal a non-winning ticket. He then realized he had only $5 left to spend. Should he buy another scratch-off or a beverage?

Edward chose wisely. His $5 Money Talks scratch-off revealed a $50,000 top-prize win!

The Frederick County man couldn’t hide his extreme excitement. He immediately called family members, friends and co-workers. “My wife thought she was on ‘Candid Camera’ when I called and told her,” Edward said. He got a similar reaction from others.

The 38-year-old anxiously waited all weekend to come to Lottery headquarters in Baltimore to claim his prize. The snowstorm hit on Monday and state offices closed, making him wait another 24 hours. Edward hid the ticket in a different location each day. He placed it behind a picture in his home one day and stashed it in the owner’s manual inside his car another day.

An employee at a tractor-trailer service company, Edward has plenty of spending options for the $50,000. He plans to pay off a car loan and college student loans, having just earned a Master of Business Administration degree. Edward and his wife of 15 years had already booked a trip to Hawaii for themselves and their four children and now can add more activities to their vacation schedule.

Our happy winner bought his lucky ticket at Riverside Market Place at 1991 Monocacy Boulevard in Frederick.