Big Bingo Scratch-off Win to Build Retiree’s Nest Egg

D.C. Resident Plans to Live Life “One Day at a Time”

Red Line Bingo TriplerA lucky D.C. woman who has favored the popular Red Line Bingo Tripler scratch-off ticket since the game began, couldn’t sleep a wink last Thursday night. The woman, who regularly plays scratch-offs and has won multiple prizes of up to $300, scratched her ticket that night and was shocked to see the six-figure prize of $100,000 revealed. She quickly hid the ticket deep in a dresser drawer beneath a stack of clothes before trying to go to sleep for the night.

“I didn’t tell anybody about it last night,” said the 63-year-old retired healthcare worker. “I couldn’t sleep at all.”

She didn’t get up to look at the ticket again until 9 a.m. the next morning, following hours of tossing, turning and worrying. “I had to make sure the winning ticket was real.”

The $100,000 will go into her rainy day fund to cover unexpected future costs. “I’ll take it one day at a time,” she said. The lucky winner also plans to share some of the funds with her four sons and nine grandchildren. “I’ll play more now,” she said.

The Washington, D.C. resident bought her lucky ticket at 2000 Market located at 5950 Martin Luther King Highway in Capitol Heights.