‘Big Play’ Gives Brooklyn Scratch-off Fan a $10,000 Pay Off

Richard Conner Sr. - Big Play Crossword_web

Longtime Lottery player Richard Conner Sr. of Brooklyn came to Maryland Lottery headquarters in Baltimore to claim his $10,000 prize in the Big Play Crossword scratch-off game.

Reinvests $10 scratch-off prize into lucky Big Play Crossword game

A longtime Maryland Lottery and casino enthusiast who has played everything from scratch-offs to jackpot games just got his name in the Lottery winners’ book.

Brooklyn resident Richard Conner Sr. plays Lottery scratch-offs on a regular basis, and recently bought a handful of them at Shahverdi’s Liquors located at 6719 Chesapeake Center Drive in Glen Burnie. The Anne Arundel County man won $10 on a Neon ticket. Instead of pocketing the money, he reinvested his prize in the purchase of a $10 Big Play Crossword ticket.

That was a $10,000 decision! Richard scratched the instant ticket in the store and asked the store clerk to confirm his big win.

“I just looked at it and said ‘What?!?’” Richard said. “I’ve been playing for a long time. I play a lot. I’ve won $50 or $100, but the most I’d ever won before on a scratch-off was $1,000 about five years ago.”

Richard said Big Play Crossword, Twisted Bingo, 10x Cash and Instant Millionaire are among his favorite $10 scratch-off games. He also enjoys trying his luck at Maryland Live! casino games. What’s next for our winner? As he claimed his prize at Lottery headquarters, Richard said he has his eye on the rising Multi-Match jackpot. The $3.45 million jackpot for the June 4 drawing is the fourth-highest in the game’s nine-year history.

“I’m going to be back … Multi-Match, that’s me,” said Richard, a gas and electrical worker for Northern Pipeline and former 30-year employee of Baltimore Gas and Electric.

Want to try his lucky scratch-off? There are still four unclaimed $100,000 top prizes and 11 remaining $10,000 prizes in the Big Play Crossword game.