Big Score for First-time Player

Columbia doctor wins $100,000 with Red Line Bingo Tripler game

Red Line Bingo TriplerA doctor made a house call at Lottery headquarters last Friday; stopping by to claim a $100,000 prize he won earlier last week playing the Red Line Bingo Tripler scratch-off. He told officials that, while he’d bought Powerball and Mega Millions tickets on occasion, this winning instant game was the first scratch-off he’d ever tried.

“I was getting some gas on Monday when I thought of my mom. She just loved to play scratch tickets,” the Columbia resident told Lottery officials. He bought the first ticket he saw and set it aside to play later at his office. “My co-worker scratched it for me and said she thought it was a winner,” he said. “I took a look and got pretty excited, but I didn’t really believe it until I heard the confirmation here.”

The good (and lucky) doctor and his wife plan to dedicate the winnings to the family retirement fund and their son’s education fund. The winning ticket was purchased at the Long Reach Exxon station at 6000 Foreland Garth in Columbia. The Red Line Bingo Tripler gamer has one $100,000 instant winner still in stores.