Big Scratch-off Win Leaves Player Truly Speechless

Finds $50,000 top prize on Cash Craze Doubler scratch-off

A happy and still-speechless winner of a $50,000 top prize on the Cash Craze Doubler game brought her husband with her to the Maryland Lottery Winner’s Circle to help tell her story.

The excitement of her big scratch-off win and a sore throat took their toll on the Anne Arundel County woman, who put the lucky instant ticket in a safe spot until she felt well enough to claim her prize. The day Lottery luck arrived, the 52-year-old was so happy she called her husband and shouted the good news to him over the phone.

“I thought she was trying to be like me and play a joke on me,” he said.

“I just could not believe I had won $50,000 dollars!” she said. “I just sat in my car and stared at the ticket at first. After the initial shock wore off, I called my hubby to celebrate with him.”

The happy player, who chose to remain anonymous, nicknamed herself “All About Benjamins” in honor of Benjamin Franklin’s appearance on the $100 bill. She and her husband plan to devote some of the big win to a vacation.

“All About Benjamins” found her big win at Giant #2306 located at 1020 West 41st Street in Baltimore. Her lucky Lottery retailer is a winner, too, for selling the top-prize scratch-off in the $5 game. The Lottery will give the city store a bonus of $500 for its big sale.

The Cash Craze Doubler game is still packed with winning scratch-offs. Players can look for five more unclaimed $50,000 top prizes and thousands of others ranging from $5 to $5,000.