Big Scratch-off Win Moves Delayed Honeymoon to 2016

Lucky mom claims $10,000 prize on Hit It Big instant game

207-Hit-It-Big-ITVM_P1-goldA Prince George’s County stay-at-home mom bumped into some Lottery luck over the weekend, winning $10,000 instantly playing the Hit It Big scratch-off. That lucky ticket will soon allow the mother of four, who put many parts of her life on hold as bills and obligations piled up, to scratch an important “task” off her to-do list – a honeymoon!

“I play several times a week,” said the 26-year-old. “The tickets are fun for me. I love imagining what we’ll do with the money we win.”

She encountered her Lottery luck at Spring Hill Lake Mini Mart at 9240 Spring Hill Lane in Greenbelt.

“I stopped by the Lottery store and picked out a $10 ticket,” she said. “I wanted to play a $20 game but decided to limit what I spent to $10.” Wouldn’t you know it, that $10 ticket produced a $30 win! “I had my $10 back and $20 for the Hit It Big ticket I had my eye on,” she said. “It felt like it was supposed to happen.”

Starting at the bottom of the ticket, the Greenbelt resident immediately saw “DBL,” signaling that she would win twice the amount she uncovered. “It was $5,000, which meant a $10,000 win. I kept pretty calm, but started crying the minute I left the store.”

The happy winner said she’ll pay outstanding family bills with her prize and move plans for their honeymoon up to 2016. “We’ve been saving for our honeymoon for a few years now, with plans to do it in 2018. Now, we can go this year.”

The $20 Hit It Big game still has plenty of prize-winning tickets in Maryland Lottery retailers. Look for the last $1 million top-prize ticket, a $50,000 second-tier winner, 11 instant tickets with $10,000 prizes and 15 with $5,000 prizes.