Big Win Comes From Small Mistake

Baltimore Woman Wins $30,000 Prize on Tripling Star Crossword

Raven Patterson - Tripling Star CrosswordRaven Patterson’s morning started off like any other day. The 59-year-old Baltimore resident purchased her daily Pick 3 and Pick 4 tickets along with a few scratch-offs at a local gas station on her way to work. What she did not know when walking out of the store, was that a simple cashier’s mistake would win her $30,000.

Raven, an administrative assistant for the Baltimore County Health Department, asked for three Red Hot & Blue 7s, but was given three Tripling Star Crossword scratch-offs. Instead of exchanging the tickets for the ones she originally wanted, Raven took a chance with a new set of scratch-offs.

Once at work, while waiting for everyone else to arrive, Raven decided to scratch off her tickets. Her very first ticket revealed her big win.  The Baltimore resident’s first thought as she counted up all the numbers was that it couldn’t be happening to her. Once she realized the magnitude her of winnings, she phoned her husband and shared the news.

The administrative assistant, who works only a few minutes from Lottery Headquarters, planned on heading straight to the Agency to claim her prize, but ended up taking a little detour. “I was so happy that I got lost on the way over,” said Raven, who then picked up her husband to help her with directions.

The happy couple plans to use their winnings to pay off some bills. They are also planning a trip to Delaware Park, but this time, will arrive in style. The winning ticket was purchased at Stadium CITGO, located at 501 E. 33rd St. in Baltimore.