Bingo Bonanza: Salisbury Man Wins $100,000 Bingo X10 Prize

Eastern Shore winner takes home top prize on $10 scratch-off.

An Eastern Shore winner known as “Shoes” was still getting used to the feeling of being a winner when he claimed a $100,000 top prize this week. The lucky 82-year-old said it was a $10 Bingo X10 scratch-off that featured the game’s signature lucky twisting line through one of the bingo cards that did the trick.

“Shoes” said he worked for Perdue Chicken before retiring, and he now spends quality time with his wife and enjoys a couple of his favorite pursuits: bingo-style Lottery scratch-offs and watching television. As for that nickname, “Shoes” said it was coined years ago when he fell off his front step and into a snow bank.

“It was all they could see of me, and so the name stuck,” he explained.

After purchasing some of his favorite tickets recently, “Shoes” returned home and discovered the excitement hidden under the scratch-off’s latex coating.

“I scratched the ticket at home, and when I scratched the final puzzle on my ticket, I just said ‘Holy!’ because I knew I had something big,” he said.

“Shoes” said he plans to put his Bingo X10 winnings in the bank for now, adding that the prize will be a big help with expenses.

With this latest win, there are three unclaimed $100,000 top prizes on the Bingo X10 scratch-off, which launched in June. The $10 ticket also has 10 unclaimed $10,000 prizes and thousands of additional prizes ranging from $10 to $1,000.

The lucky ticket was purchased at the Chicken Man convenience store located at 824 Snow Hill Road in Salisbury. For selling the top-prize winning scratch-off, the retailer will receive a bonus of $1,000 from the Lottery.