Bingo Brings Big Bucks for Baltimorean

Wins $30,000 on Blackout Bingo Scratch-Off

Blackout BingoThe 32-year-old Baltimore resident has always considered herself to be lucky. She is a dedicated scratch-off player who typically wins a few dollars when she plays.  But on Monday night, her luck rose to a new level.  She won the $30,000 top prize on a Blackout Bingo scratch-off.

The mother-of-three was taking her time scratching off the ticket when she noticed she was a winner. “I had to check it over and over to make sure I got every number. Once I realized I had won, I started screaming and jumping up and down,” she said.

When her boyfriend asked her what was wrong, she told him she had only won five dollars. However, her excitement gave it away. “I knew she won more than five dollars,” explained her boyfriend of two years.

The winner will spend some time traveling, but wishes to stay local and purchase a house in Baltimore.  She will also start a trust fund for her three children. The winning ticket was purchased at Federal Discount Liquors, located at 1619 E. Federal St. in Baltimore.