Birth Dates Give Bonus Match 5 Regular a $50,000 Bonanza

Anne Arundel County woman claims top prize from May 8 drawing

A clever combination of family birth dates on a Bonus Match 5 ticket gave an Anne Arundel County woman the game’s $50,000 top prize in May.

The lucky winner, who found herself at Shady Side Market in Shady Side one day, bought a multiple-draw ticket with one Quick-Pick board and two boards of favorite numbers she plays often. On the night of May 8, she realized the drawing had passed.

“I was in the kitchen cleaning up and I thought, ‘Let me check my numbers,’” she said. “I pulled up the Lottery website and saw the winning numbers and said, ‘Somebody’s screwing with me. Those are my numbers!’”

Confirming that she was, indeed, viewing the real winning numbers on, the stunned Bonus Match 5 enthusiast looked repeatedly at the winning numbers and those on her ticket.

“I checked it time after time,” she said.

Eventually, realization of her win began sinking in and she called a relative to share the big news. But she began the conversation by asking him how he was doing, and he proceeded to tell her in detail, until finally she cut in to tell him all about her $50,000 prize.

Her lucky Lottery retailer also enjoys an unexpected payday. Shady Side Market, located at 1481 Snug Harbor, earns a $500 bonus from the Lottery for selling a top-prize ticket in the game.