Birthday, Dinner, Movie and Double Hot Bucks

Kimberly Chamberlain - Double Hot Bucks

Kimberly Chamberlain and boyfriend, Stanley, are doubly
excited about her Double Hot Bucks win.

Crofton Woman Wins $50,000 Top Prize

“This is the best birthday present ever,” Kimberly Chamberlain exclaimed. Kimberly and her significant other, Stanley, were on their way home from celebrating her birthday when she suggested that they stop at the Royal Farms for something to drink.  While in the store, they decided to buy a few scratch-offs from the Lottery’s Instant Ticket Vending Machine.

Kimberly inserted the money and Stanley made the selections, one of which was Double Hot Bucks. Kimberly said that they usually go home to scratch their tickets, but they were able to sit, drink their beverage and enjoy scratching their tickets right there in the store. Both of them were doing just that when Stanley suddenly looked at Kimberly and said, “We won $50,000.”  “I just sat there with my mouth open,” Kimberly told Lottery officials.  Stanley said, “I was shocked. You can’t beat dinner, a movie, and a $50,000 winning ticket. Talk about a great dessert!”

Still finding it hard to believe that they were winners, the twosome took the ticket out of the dresser drawer yesterday to examine it. “We just wanted to make sure we weren’t dreaming.”

The birthday girl, who has plans to go to Orlando in October for vacation, said “Now it’s fully funded!”  Other plans include paying bills, saving, and giving back to those in need. The winning ticket was sold at the Royal Farms, located at 1114 Maryland Route 3 North in Gambrills.