Birthday Numbers Add Up to $100,000 Taxes-Paid Prize

$50,000 Top Prize Doubled During Bonus Match 5 Doubler Promotion

“I kept telling my friends that I was going to win, but they didn’t believe me,” said Aurelio Burton. The Delaware resident never misses a beat when it comes to playing the Maryland Lottery. He plays Bonus Match 5 every day, always using his own birthday and those of his four sons.

With plans to go out of town for schooling, the Army retiree and current government worker, stopped at his Lottery retailer and bought his tickets for the upcoming week. A few days later, alone in his hotel room, Aurelio checked his ticket for June 27 online and recognized the numbers. He then called his wife to double check his win. “At first she didn’t believe me,” said Aurelio. “In fact, she didn’t believe it for a couple days.” Familiar with the Bonus Match 5 “Doubler” promotion, the avid Lottery fan realized that he was $100,000 richer and that taxes were paid on his prize. He was calm nonetheless, describing himself as “a laidback type of guy.”

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This is Aurelio’s largest win to date, but he is confident it won’t be his last or his biggest. He assured Lottery officials that he would be back to claim his Mega Millions or Powerball jackpot win. “I’ll be back no doubt about it,” he said.  With his winnings, Aurelio intends to do some things around the house, buy his wife a new car and save the remainder.  The winning ticket was purchased at Jayco Liquors, located at 1101 E Pulaski Highway in Elkton.

During the Bonus Match 5 Doubler promotion, which runs through July 8, players have the chance to double their winnings if they receive the word “Doubler” on the top of their Bonus Match 5 ticket. Plus, the estimated taxes are paid on all top prizes.