Birthday Ticket Treat Turns into $50,000 Powerball Prize

Big win a big bonus for Charles County winner who is ‘blessed’

A federal government employee from La Plata bought herself a single $2 quick-pick Powerball ticket on Dec. 5 in celebration of her birthday. She didn’t give it another thought until after she and her son had dinner on Dec. 8, nearly 24 hours after the drawing.

The Charles County resident checked the ticket for a win and was astonished that no matter how she looked at it, the ticket contained a $50,000 prize. The drawn numbers were 18, 42, 53, 62 and 66 with a Powerball of 25. She missed winning a $130 million jackpot by one number.

A financial analyst who looks at numbers all of the time, the player’s first thought was that her eyes were playing tricks on her and she should double-check her big win. She snapped a photo of the ticket with her phone and sent the image to her son, asking, “Is this a winner?”

He checked and confirmed that her little piece of paper was worth a big chunk of change.

After making her claim on Dec. 9, the happy woman explained she is already so lucky she doesn’t have any particular plans for her windfall. “I am blessed with a wonderful career and life, so it’s a bonus!” she said.

Her birthday treat came from Dash In #7171 at 6305 Crain Highway in La Plata. This lucky lady claimed the 51st $50,000 Powerball prize won by a Marylander this year. No one hit the jackpot in the Dec. 7 drawing so the jackpot increased to $140 million for the upcoming Dec. 11 drawing. The cash option is $95.4 million.