Black Friday Bonus: Ticket Purchased During Post-Holiday Spree Wins $50,000

James Smooth - Bonus Match 5_webHoward County resident James Smoot celebrated Black Friday with a $50,000 top prize in Bonus Match 5.

Howard County man wins top prize on Bonus Match 5 ticket

Black Friday began with a bang for eager shoppers, and Woodstock resident James Smoot was among them. The lucky shopper managed to pick up a nice television deal, but it wasn’t until he returned home that his Black Friday looked a bit brighter. The Bonus Match 5 ticket he purchased earlier matched the evening draw, winning him a $50,000 top prize.

When the bedlam of the post-Thanksgiving deal hunting had ended and he had time for himself, James, 72, put on his glasses and pulled out his Bonus Match 5 tickets. The regular player usually purchases a couple tickets for his favorite game, and this time bought them from a new location, Chesapeake Liquors in Glen Burnie.

As he examined his five Quick Pick tickets, one of them had a strange familiarity to it. It wasn’t until he reexamined the ticket moments later that he realized the top line on one of his tickets – 5, 10, 11, 14 and 25 – matched all five numbers drawn on Nov. 27. The lucky winner said he was taken aback by the result.

“I checked my glasses and just laughed to myself,” said James, adding that the $50,000 top prize would be helpful since he’s a retiree and living on a limited income.

Smoot retired nine years ago from local manufacturer Copflex. During his time there he fabricated brass fittings for pistons, water pumps and nuclear submarines. He now works part-time doing general maintenance for two Howard County golf courses. As a fringe benefit, he gets to play the two courses free of charge.

Chesapeake Liquors, located at 6720 Ritchie Highway in the Centre at Glen Burnie Plaza, is a winner as well. For selling a winning top-tier Bonus Match 5 ticket, the retailer will receive a $500 bonus from the Maryland Lottery.

Bonus Match 5 drawings are held seven nights a week. Players select five numbers from 1 to 39. A Bonus Ball is drawn from the remaining 34 numbers, providing players with extra chances to win. Tickets range from $1 for one line of numbers up to $6 for nine lines.