Black Friday Shopping Prep Leads to $100,000 Lottery Win

Washington County woman found Winner’s Luck scratch-off

A Washington County resident is truly thankful for the holiday bustle this year, crediting the commercial side of the holiday for helping her find a $100,000 winning scratch-off ticket.

The day before Thanksgiving, the 29-year-old woman was unsuccessfully scouring area stores for newspapers packed with door-busting ads and coupons for Black Friday shopping deals. The salvage yard worker struck out at store after store. Thinking she was out of luck and not wanting to go home empty-handed, the single mother bought a $10 Winner’s Luck scratch-off ticket at her last stop.

Her excitement grew when she uncovered a couple of horseshoes while scratching off her ticket. Those horseshoes meant the player won three times the prize shown.

“I was so excited, I called my mom and left a message cussing and asking for her to call me,” said the lucky woman. She thought her win was for $50,000 until her mother called the Lottery to ask how to claim such a large prize. “When I found out the amount was actually $100,000, I just started to bawl,” our winner said. “I needed this so badly.”

The hard-working Marylander has many plans for her windfall. “My daughter is 3 and I just want to find the best way to invest the money for her so that it’s there when she needs it for her education or her future,” she said. She also intends to share the blessing with her family. “My mother has had back-related medical issues and I just want to do something really great for her.”

National Mini Mart & Gas at 260 East Main Street in Hancock sold the winning ticket. There are three more $100,000 top-prize winning tickets and five $10,000 winning tickets out in the stores awaiting discovery.