Blackout Bingo $30,000 Win in Hagerstown

Confident Player Hits Big

Desmond Stewart“I knew right away it was a winner,” said Desmond Steuart, referring to his $30,000 win on the Blackout Bingo scratch-off game. “Some people find it hard to tell if they’ve won, but I play that game often so, I knew.”

The 20-year-old winner bought five of the Blackout Bingo tickets on Saturday and took them home to scratch. His cousin, Kimberlee Selders, was downstairs when Desmond came running down the stairs saying that he’d won. “He was really calm, but he is laid back like that,” she said. “I couldn’t tell if it was a winner or not, because I am unfamiliar with the game.” After the initial shock, Desmond hid the ticket in a safe and then took a nap.

Still in shock when he came to claim the prize, accompanied by Kimberlee, he told Lottery officials that he is unsure what to do with his winnings. “Maybe I’ll buy a car,” he said happily.

The winning ticket was purchased at Central City Liquors located at 401 W. Washington St. in Hagerstown.