Blackout Bingo Scratch-Off Opens Door for Baltimore Woman

Wins $30,000 Top Prize

Blackout BingoThere was no debating, no deliberation, no dilemma, the 28-year-old Blackout Bingo winner was definitive in knowing what she intended to do with her prize money. “I’m buying my house,” said the mother-of-two upon entering the Winners’ Lounge at Lottery Headquarters.

Accompanied by her sister and brother, the avid scratch-off fan said that she plays nearly every day. This past Monday, she asked her sister to buy her a couple tickets, specifically Blackout Bingo. Her sibling consented and purchased the requested scratch-offs, but it wasn’t until the next day that the win was revealed.

“I scratched them the next day, with my sister there,” said the winner.  After the excitement, she went to bed and called her mother the next day with the news. Mom was also skeptical about her daughter’s good fortune. One family member is not so cynical.  “She’s made me a believer,” said the winner’s brother. “I might have to buy one of those scratch-offs myself.”

While the happy hairstylist plans to use her windfall to buy her home, she may also take a trip, preferably somewhere in mid-America. The winning ticket was purchased at SNS Liquor, located at 2135 E. North Ave. in Baltimore.