Blackout Bingo Scratch-Off Surprises Essex Woman

Wins $30,000 Top Prize

A quick stop for coffee on the way home from Sunday family dinner is a weekly habit Dorotha Jones of Essex really enjoys.  Once in a blue moon, she also gets a Maryland Lottery scratch-off ticket in addition to her cup of joe. This past Sunday, Ms. Jones decided to treat herself and picked out the Blackout Bingo ticket, which she took home to play.

“I was thinking of getting a Lottery ticket and this one just felt right, it made me feel like something good was going to happen,” said Ms. Jones. “I can’t explain it.”  She scratched her ticket later in the day and received the surprise of her life.  “$30,000 – I didn’t believe it.  I asked my nephew to check it, and then check it again and then once more.”  Even with the assurances of her family, it wasn’t until Lottery staff confirmed her win that Dorotha truly believed her good fortune.

Paying bills is first on the agenda for her winnings.  Her upcoming birthday will also be a bit more fun than it might otherwise have been.  Ms. Jones found her lucky Blackout Bingo winner at the 7-11 convenience store, located at 6751 Windsor Mill Rd. in Baltimore.