Blackout Bingo Winner Had Huge Surprise for Family

Montgomery County man wins $30,000 top prize

Blackout BingoA Silver Spring man is waiting for the perfect opportunity to tell his family about his latest scratch-off win. The man, determined to find a winning ticket, bought seven tickets before he found his luck. The last ticket he checked was a $30,000 Blackout Bingo top-prize winner.

The man’s method of checking bingo scratch-offs does not include scratching the cards – instead he takes his purchased tickets directly to the clerk for verification. The occasional scratch-off player said the clerk had a large grin on his face when he read the results. “He told me that I won big and needed to go to Lottery headquarters to claim my prize,” said the winner.

The man told Lottery officials that he plans on keeping the winnings a surprise for his family until later. “We weren’t able to do anything too big for my daughter’s birthday this year,” he said regretfully. “I want to throw a surprise party for her and tell everyone then. I’m sure my family will be really excited.”

In addition to his daughter’s birthday party, the man plans to pay off some bills and spend the rest on Christmas presents for his family. The winning ticket was purchased at Aspen Hill LBW, located at 13745 Connecticut Avenue in Silver Spring.