Bonus Match 5 Betting Practice Doubles Winnings

This Baltimore County woman doubled her winnings by playing the same numbers on two tickets in the Bonus Match 5 game.

Baltimore County woman claims $50,015 prize on two tickets

Playing her lucky numbers twice on two separate Bonus Match 5 tickets doubled a Baltimore County woman’s winnings in the March 9 drawing to $100,030.

“I have been playing these same numbers since January and I finally won!” said the loyal player, who bought two identical tickets in the drawing. “I carefully and thoughtfully pick out the numbers I play. I plan the numbers to play and what game to play with them. Each number I choose has meaning or is one of my lucky numbers.”

A daily Bonus Match 5 player, the woman bought her winning tickets at J Convenience in Parkville. The lucky tickets each have one line matching five of her favorite numbers of 7, 11, 16, 21 and 29. Those were the winning numbers in the drawing. A separate line matched the three winning numbers of 11, 16 and 29, giving her an additional $15 prize on each ticket.

The happy player, who is celebrating “My Lucky Picks,” could not believe it when the ticket checker said to see officials at Maryland Lottery headquarters to claim her prize.

“Oh my God, I have finally won!” she said to herself. “I quickly signed the back of both tickets and put them in a safe place.”

The lucky lady plans to spend part of her prize on a new car.

The Baltimore County retailer who sold the top-prize winning tickets also has reason to celebrate. J Convenience, located at 8765 Satyr Hill Road in Parkville, will earn a double bonus of $1,000 from the Lottery for selling the top-prize tickets in the drawing. The bonus is equal to 1 percent of the prize.